MUMPS Tools for the Emacs user

Lorikeem Introduction

LorikeeM is CLD's premier development environment for the M language. Leveraging the power and extensibility of the famous open-source GNU Emacs editing and development suite, LorikeeM allows the M developer to quickly look up the value of any M global, automatically complete M keywords and intrinsic functions, quickly navigate from routine references to their definitions, automatically suggest parameters for M intrinsics and the VA Fileman DBS API, and compile M code, all without leaving the editor.

LorikeeM provides context-sensitive syntax highlighting, allowing for easy reading of M source for YottaDB and GT.M developers

If you prefer the vim editor, David Wicksell's excellent Axiom Developer Tools provide similar functionality within that editor.


Thanks to DL Wicksell of Fourth Watch Software LC for his contribution of mktags and KBAWDUMP.m. Also, his AxioM Developer Tools, which provide similar functionality in the Vim editor, continue to provide much inspiration for new features in LorikeeM.

Thanks to the YASnippet project for the engine that provides parameter list auto-completion in LorikeeM.

Thanks to John May for his original mumps-mode for GNU Emacs, which provided some guidance for the implementation of this tool.