Proven Technology

Built upon the proven CFML (Cold Fusion Markup Language), CFMumps provides a compelling, flexible, and easy-to-use platform of reusable and extensible components for building next-generation web applications, fully harnessing the power of the MUMPS database and existing MUMPS routines. Built on Java--the world's most popular programming language--CFML allows MUMPS web applications to seamlessly take advantage of a nearly endless collection of both Java and CFML libraries--both those included with Java and your CFML application server, and those available on many websites--vastly reducing the time and cost of developing complex applications. CFML is in use in many high-profile websites, including Adobe, Walgreens, Financial Times, Target, and Shutterfly.

Flexible Connectivity

With CFMumps, your CFML application server can exist on the same physical or virtual system as your MUMPS database, communicating through a high-performance, in-process connector, or it can communicate with a MUMPS database running on a different server altogether, using standard TCP/IP sockets or a REST interface. Regardless of your chosen approach, the CFMumps APIs you will use to develop applications are identical, and any application you write can transparently use any connector, without changing even one line of application code.

Simple, Elegant API

A simple, elegant API provides easy and direct access to MUMPS data, using familiar, MUMPS-like operations such as Get, Set, Merge, Kill, Order, Lock, and Unlock.Intelligent, high-level components map CFML structures to MUMPS globals, and vice-versa, with no loss of data. Unlike some other MUMPS web development technologies whose high-level APIs cannot handle global nodes which store both data and subscripts, CFMumps allows full access to the power of the MUMPS database, both when using primitive operations like Get and Set, and when retrieving or saving full global sub-trees. CFML's flexibility allows business logic to be expressed in an XML-like, tag-based language, or in a JavaScript-like scripting language: both supporting--but not requiring--full object-oriented encapsulation. You can use CFML to develop back-end components that deliver JSON to your front-end user interface (built in any framework you prefer), or you can specify your user interface in CFML itself: neither CFMumps nor the CFML languages will dictate the development paradigm you can use. Your application can be single-threaded or multi-threaded, synchronous or asynchronous, procedural or object-oriented: the decision is yours.

We Care About MUMPS

Unlike some MUMPS web development platforms, we recognize the conceptual and practical power of MUMPS' marriage of procedural functionality and uniform access to both in-memory and on-disk data structures. This platform fully welcomes MUMPS programmers who still wish to implement substantial back-end code in their deservedly beloved MUMPS language, as CFMumps provides easy access to MUMPS routines, and allows such routines to easily access pertinent session data. We are proud to be MUMPSters ourselves, and we see no reason to persuade you otherwise.


Our comprehensive documentation includes useful examples to help you get productive with a minimum of fuss.

Professional Consulting

Coherent Logic Development can provide implementation support, development services, systems administration, and business continuity support for any CFMumps development effort.

Long-Haul Commitment

The CFMumps API was designed with several years of thought and careful planning. We don't intend to throw it away and start over again the next time we see something new and shiny in the web development world. If you develop an application using CFMumps today, you can be confident that Coherent Logic Development won't change its programming interfaces on a whim, and we won't tell you to abandon your substantial programming investments simply because we want reddit cred or trending topics on the latest social networking sites. You probably don't write or support MUMPS code because you want to impress your friends: you understand that MUMPS is an incredibly powerful tool that accomplishes incredibly important things, and our priority is to support that spirit. We will continue to support and enhance CFMumps as long as you continue to use it. Our software is open source, available by default under the GNU AGPL, or under the Apache License on request.